IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

IPv6-based 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing and Blockchain


Latif Ladid, Founder & President, IPv6 Forum   


The new IPv6 Enhanced Council (  is attracting a very good number of players (120) including ISPs/Vendor/Academia from Europe, US and Asia to work on:

  • Identify gaps and recommendations of existing and required IPv6 standards both inside ETSI and in other SDOs;
  • Identify and describe IPv6 Network related use cases & specific scenarios, derived requirements and IPv6 networking challenges in the following areas:
    • IPv6-based 5G (and beyond 5G) IP transport and cloud & IP network convergence
    • IPv6-based enterprise networking and Industrial Internet
    • IPv6 cybersecurity and management,
    • IPv6-based Blockchain
  • Document an automated networking e2e reference architecture, using IPv6;
  • Describe an IPv6-based specific deployment best practices/guidelines and transition tools for
    • IPv4 to IPv6 and
    • dual-stack to IPv6 only;
  • Provide and demonstrate PoCs and test case descriptions to validate IPv6 standards-based approaches.

Short Bio of Moderator and SPEAKERS  

Latif Ladid is the Founder and current President of the IPv6 Forum ( and Board member of 3GPP since 1999, member of 3GPP PCG (Board) since 1999 (, co-Chair, ETSI IPv6 Industry Specification Group (including 5G over IPv6) , IEEE Steering Committee Member: 5G, IoT and SDN, Chair, IEEE ComSoC IoT subcommittee, Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoC SDN-NFV subcommittee, Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society - ISOC (, IPv6 Ready & Enabled Logos Program Board (, Senior Researcher @ SECAN-LAB, University of Luxembourg on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies Projects. Member of Future Internet Forum EU Member States (representing Luxembourg), IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer Award, 2002, IPv6 Life Time Achievement Award, 2016.

Owen Vaughan is the Chief Science Officer at nChain and has overseen the creation of one of the world’s largest and most influential blockchain IP portfolios. Bridging the gap between technology and industry, he identifies new business opportunities through cutting-edge research. Currently, he’s working on offline payment protocols, blockchain redaction, and user privacy controls for notarised blockchain data. Owen’s research interests lie in privacy-preserving computation, blockchain network topology, wallet design and identity management. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of York, a PhD in String Theory from the University of Liverpool and has worked as a postdoc in the Analysis and Differential Geometry Group at the University of Hamburg. He is also an author of 15 peer-reviewed academic papers and an inventor of over 30 patent applications.

Ralph has been working with v6 since at least 2004 and his last position at IRS, led the deployment of v6 across the IRS and the rest of the Government. There is a 99% dual-stack deployment, with the upcoming capability to remove IPv4 from the network. He was instrumental in the 2020 v6 only memo as well as a significate part of the 2012 USG adoption of IPv6 plan.




Lawrence Hughes works at Aptive Resources and was is Senior Software Engineer – Cybersecurity at Abbott and was the co-founder/CEO of Sixscape Communications. Prior to co-founding Sixscape, he was the co-founder and CTO of Cipher Trust in 2000, and the inventor of the technology there that did a USD273 million exit in 2006. He is also the inventor of Identity Registration Protocol (IRP) and SixChat protocol which were submitted to the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) and both awarded TCP port numbers on the Internet. Lawrence is the co-chair of IPv6 Forum Singapore and he is world-class in both cryptographic and IPv6 technologies. Lawrence graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Science (Pure Math) from Florida State University, USA.


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