IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

TV2: Network Footprint of Medical Devices in Future Health Data Spaces

Date and Time

13 November 2023 // 11:00 - 12:30
(All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST))



For historical reasons, medical devices such as syringe drivers, infusion pumps, and monitors are typically fitted with analog serial interfaces and/or optical interfaces. This does not match the requirements of a rapidly changing health management strategy that has been rapidly shifting from a hospital-based towards a distributed patient-centric approach. This requires an increasingly networked approach utilizing the mobile phone networks and building new requirements towards 5G and 6G. At the same time, new strategies for managing and admin- istrating medical data in health data spaces arise. Here new standards such as FHIR will play a pivotal role.

This workshop is aiming to explore future requirements, specifications, and business cases for an increasing level of interlinked medical devices and virtualization through medical data spaces in the health domain inside and outside hospitals.


  • Explore current trends in health data flow and signal processing
  • Discuss the role of mobile telephony (4G / 5G / 6G) in future health data ecosystems
  • Understand the role and the potential of FHIR and other relevant standards such as IEEE SDC 11073
  • Identify requirements and specifications for medical devices in protocol-based environments
  • Identify hardware requirements and specifications for suitable mobile network adapters (3G / 4G / 5G)
  • Network slicing
  • Explore implications of changing environments in health and care strategies for up-coming 5G / 6G specifications
  • Map relevant legal/regulatory environments (EU / US / elsewhere)

Description of the Challenges and issues to be covered

  • Design principles and requirements for network infrastructure for the MedTech in- dustry
  • Standards gap analysis 5G/6G
  • Prediction of medical device-driven data traffic/bandwidth requirements.
  • Data security and network resilience aspects
  • Industrial requirements (QoS, standards, business models)
  • Privacy and trust in future health data spaces/networks
  • Implications for next-generation network technology (6G)
  • Identity management / federated identity
  • AI / ML network requirements
  • EU-US cooperation

Invited Speakers and Talk Titles

  • Christoph Thuemmler, 6G Health Institute, Leipzig Germany, “Enabling the medical IoT through future networks
  • Neeli Prasad Ph.D.: “Digital Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Healthcare: Bridging the Gap to Protect Patients
  • Ronald Koenig: Gematik “Identities and exchange of medical data – status quo and outlook
  • Barbara Cuthill, PhD.: NIST, “Cybersecurity and the Internet of Medical Things - The new US Cyber Trust Mark in the context of medical IoT
  • Altaf Sadique: 6G Health Institute, Leipzig Germany, “Real time medical device integration through mobile networks


Neeli R. Prasad, Co-founder/CEO of SmartAvatar B.V., Delft, Netherlands and co-founder/CTO, TrustedMobi “VehicleAvatar Inc.”, Mountain View, CA, USA, and IEEE VTS Board of Governor Elected Member & VP Membership. She is IEEE Senior Member. She is Digital Privacy, cybersecurity, 5G/6G and IoT strategist. She has throughout her career been driving business and technology innovation, from incubation to prototyping to validation and is currently an entrepreneur and consultant in Silicon Valley. She is an accomplished researcher, academic, and entrepreneur with a focus on developing innovative technologies and solutions to address the challenges in these domains. 

She is the advisory board member for the European Commission H2020 projects. She was also a vice chair and patronage chair of IEEE Communication Society Globecom/ICC Management & Strategy Committee and Chair of the Marketing, Strategy and IEEE Staff Liaison Group. She is Director of CGC, USA. She was Professor at Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University and assistant head of department and Professor at ECE, ITU, USA. She has led global teams of researchers across multiple technical areas and projects in Japan, India, throughout Europe and USA. She has been involved in numerous R&D projects receiving both public and private funding. She also led multiple EU projects as project coordinator and PI. She has played key roles from concept to implementation to standardization. Her strong commitment to operational excellence, innovative approach to business and technological problems and aptitude for partnering cross-functionally across the industry have reshaped and elevated her role as project coordinator.

As an advocate for women in technology, Dr. Prasad actively promotes diversity and inclusion in the field. She encourages more female representation and empowerment in the traditionally male-dominated sectors of telecommunications and cybersecurity. She has 4 books on IoT and WiFi, many book chapters, peer-reviewed international journal papers and over 200 international conference papers.  



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