IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

TV6: Connecting The Unconnected: Bridging the Digital Divide

Date and Time


Wednesday, 15 NOVEMBER 2023 // 11:00 - 12:30 // EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)


  • Ashutosh Dutta, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs (JHU/APL), USA
  • Sudhir Dixit, Basic Internet Foundation, USA

Session 1: TUESDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2023 // 14:00 - 15:30 // EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)

Invited Speakers/Panelists

  • Veena Rawat
  • Deborah Simpier
  • Roger Alexander
  • Harri Saarnisaari
  • Micah Beck 

Accepted Paper

  • "6G Local Spectrum Management for Remote Sites," Harri Saarnisaari (University of Oulu, Finland) (accepted in S04: Symposium on Connecting the Un/Under-Connected in Future Networks)
  • "Connecting the Last Billion is a Solved Problem," Micah Beck (University of Tennessee, USA) (accepted in S04: Symposium on Connecting the Un/Under-Connected in Future Networks)

Session 2: Wednesday, 15 NOVEMBER 2023 // 11:00 - 12:30 // EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)

Invited Speakers/Panelists

  • Kimmie L. Weeks
  • Sadia Jafrin
  • Keith Walker
  • Ritu Srivastava
  • Rajani Pandrangi, Lekha Wireless
  • Filippo Malandra

Short Bio of Moderators and Panelists

Ashutosh Dutta is currently Chief 5G Strategist and JHU/APL Sabbatical Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs (JHU/APL), USA. He also serves as Chair for Electrical and Computer Engineering for Engineering Professional Program at JHU. His career, spanning more than 30 years, includes Director of Technology Security and Lead Member of Technical Staff at AT&T, CTO of Wireless at a Cybersecurity company NIKSUN, Inc., Senior Scientist in Telcordia Research, Director of Central Research Facility at Columbia University, adjunct faculty at NJIT, and Computer Engineer with TATA Motors. Ashutosh is author of more than 100 technical papers and 31 issued patents. Ashutosh is co-author of the book, titled, “Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization: Design, Evaluation and Application” published by IEEE and John & Wiley. As a Technical Leader in 5G and security, Ashutosh has been serving as the founding Co-Chair for the IEEE Future Networks Initiative that focuses on 5G standardization, education, publications, testbed, and roadmap activities. Ashutosh is IEEE Communications Society's Distinguished Lecturer for 2017-2020 and as an ACM Distinguished Speaker (2020-2022). Ashutosh currently serves as the founding co-chair for IEEE Future Networks Initiative and Member-At-Large for IEEE Communications Society. He co-founded the IEEE STEM conference (ISEC) and helped to implement EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) projects in several high schools. Ashutosh has served as the general Co-Chair for the IEEE STEM conference for the last 10 years. Ashutosh served as the Director of Industry Outreach for IEEE Communications Society from 2014-2019. He was recipient of 2009 IEEE MGA Leadership award. Ashutosh is recipient of IEEE-USA’s 2010 Professional Leadership Award, 2022 IEEE-USA George F. McClure Citation of Honor. He also received 2022 IEEE North American Region Exceptional Service Award. Ashutosh served as Member-At-Large for IEEE Communications Society for 2020-2022. Ashutosh has served as the founding Co-Chair for the premier IEEE 5G World Forums and has organized 85 5G World Summits around the world. Ashutosh currently serves as the Chair for IEEE Industry Connection’s O-RAN activities and IPv6. Ashutosh is a Distinguished Alumnus of NIT Rourkela with BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Science from NJIT, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University under the supervision of Prof. Henning Schulzrinne. Ashutosh is a Fellow of IEEE and Distinguished member ACM.

Roger Alexander is a communications systems architect and wireless network designer working at the intersection of communications technology, energy automation systems, and data analytics. He has an extensive background in the design and deployment of communications systems and has led system engineering developments for both satellite and terrestrial wireless systems. He has recently been the Chief Systems Architect of Eaton’s Energy Automation Systems Division where he spent over a decade developing wireless communications networks and energy automation and control solutions for utility customers. Roger is a coauthor of the IETF IPv6 RPL Routing protocol and holds patents in satellite and terrestrial communications as well as for a number of developed energy management automation solutions. Roger has a BEng in Electrical Engineering from the University of London, an MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and a PhD in Economics, in the area of Network Interconnection Competition, from The George Washington University.

Kimmie Weeks is an internationally acclaimed Liberian activist and humanitarian.    He survived the Liberian war as a child and after nearly being buried alive in a refugee camp, he dedicated his life to making a difference for children and young people in Africa. At age seventeen, Kimmie Weeks was forced to flee Liberia and was granted political asylum in the United States as a result of his advocacy for the disarmament of child soldiers.   He started Youth Action International while a student at Amherst College in the United States. In 2022, YAI overhauled its mission to focus on expanding digital literacy for Africa.  The organization is currently working to put a computer lab in every high school in Liberia and Sierra Leone within five years, and will scale the program to other African countries.   Kimmie Weeks has received many honors and awards.   Notable among them are the Golden Brick Award, the World’s Children’s Prize, and one of Liberia’s highest civilian honors. He received his undergraduate degree from Amherst College, a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from the University of Liberia.



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