IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

TUT7: eHealth over 5G/6G: the Role of Future Networks in Healthcare



Traditional healthcare systems cannot satisfy anymore the needs of a continuously growing and developing society. The world today needs to face problems such as the aging of population and the inherent need of assisted-living environments for elderly people. The 5G network and prospective 6G solutions along with the pervasiveness of IoT devices will provide unprecedented benefits and innovations in several areas such as data science, machine learning and signal processing which are expected to boost the digital transformation of healthcare.

This tutorial includes the following main goals: i) to discuss the impact of future networks on the latest eHealth advancements by presenting innovative and efficient solutions; ii) to illustrate the aspects of applying future networks in healthcare systems by showing some practical applications and the response to technology-assisted medical care and treatments; iii) to provide further directions for research posing new problems and challenges in the eHealth field.


Andrea Sciarrone was born in Livorno, Italy in 1984. He got his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Genoa in 2007 and the master’s degree Cum Laude in Telecommunication Engineering in 2009 in the same University. In 2014 Andrea Sciarrone got the Ph. D. degree in Ambient Intelligence at University of Genoa with a thesis on Signal Processing Algorithms for Context-Aware applications over mobile platforms. He is currently Assistant Professor and member of the research staff of the Telecommunication Research Group and, of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Laboratory at the University of Genoa. He is Senior Member of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and Member of IEEE Signal Processing (SPS) Society. Currently he is Chair of the IEEE ComSoc eHealth Technical Committee and Co-Director of the Membership Board of the IEEE ComSoc Multimedia Communication Technical Committee (MMTC). He was TPC Chair of the Conference IEEE Healthcom 2022. He is author of around 60 papers including journals and conferences proceedings. He is also recipient of the IEEE Cloudnet 2016 Best Paper Awards. His research concerns Signal Processing. 


Chiara Garibotto was born in Chiavari, Italy in 1985. In 2012 she got her Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Genoa. In 2015 she achieved a Master Degree in Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks with a thesis on Quality of Service in Software Defined Networks. In 2019 she got her PhD in Science and Technology for Electronic andTelecommunication Engineering at the University of Genoa. She is currently Assistant Professor and member of the research unit of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Laboratory at the University of Genoa. She is author of over 35 papers including journals and conference proceedings. She is Member of the IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) and IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), IEEE Internet of Things Community and IEEE Young Professionals. She is also active member of the IEEE Technical Committees on eHealth and Satellite and Space Communications. She has been Web Chair of the international conference IEEE Healthcom 2022. Her main research activities concern Multimedia Signal Processing, Context Awareness, Intelligent Sensing, and Machine Learning, especially applied to the framework of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Environments, Safety & Security and e-Health Applications.



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