IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

TUT8: Workflow management with GenerativeAI for the future network applications



5G connectivity has helped to realise numerous use cases in conjunction with the advancements in other technologies. Further progress in IoTs, AR/VR/Metaverse, Quantum and GenerativeAI requires the support of advanced network architectures to implement a plethora of unheard and out of the box use cases.

Generative AI plays a pivotal role in the management of such an advanced network as well as for the realization of the new use cases. State of the art AI technologies are tightly coupled to use cases. It is difficult for the models to support changing use case applications. This is where the generalization power of GenerativeAI models help.  The LLMs /Generative models are trained with large datasets due to which they can generate the response with high degree of precision. The models are generic to a great extent and to support specific use cases, they are required to be finetuned with minimal data. So, most of the traditional projects involving specific AI models are being replaced with GenAI models indicating the direction the technology is taking ahead. This tutorial is wound around the usage of GenAI models for the control of future networks and the connectivity support required for the deployment of such models to enable emerging applications.


Manjunath Ramachandra is working at CTO office of Wipro Limited, Bangalore as Principal consultant. He has filed about 90 patents, conducted 25 tutorials, and delivered 23 keynotes, authored 210 papers and a book. He was a key member in the TDLS task force of Wi-Fi Alliance, served as the editor for the regional profiles standard in Digital living network alliance (DLNA) and as the industrial liaison officer for the CE-Linux Forum. He is a member of inter-ministerial advisory group on Quantum communication & Quantum computing, Government of India. He is leading the forum on Quantum communication in Telecom Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI), Key member of IEEE SA Quantum standards Leadership team. He is the chair for IEEE Industrial AI model verification & validation standardization group. He is also a member of Edge intelligence pre standardization activities group in TSDSI. He has chaired several international conferences and workshops. His research interests include AI, communications, Quantum computing, signal processing applications for networking etc.




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