IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future

S15: Symposium on System Optimization in Future Networks


Symposium Paper Submission: 21 July 2023 8 September 2023 02 October 2023 (FINAL)
Symposium Paper Acceptance Notification: 1 September 2023 Rolling
Camera-Ready Submission: 10 October 2023



As telecommunication networks advance into 6G and beyond, these networks are experiencing a significant degree of transformation with distributed, hierarchical, disaggregated, virtualized, and heterogeneous realizations. From a system optimization perspective, such transformation is creating new and interesting challenges for distributed and dynamic resource management in such networks. The network resources and attributes under consideration could include spectral efficiency, energy, capacity, latency, bandwidth, physical and virtual resources, memory, etc. Joint optimization across available resources can also lead to interesting tradeoffs such as optimizing dynamic energy utilization relative to available capacity, leading to efficient sustainable realizations. With disaggregated Open RAN architecture, applications at different levels in the network hierarchy can be developed at different levels of latency tolerance, enabling flexible deployment in such architecture. AI/ML-based solutions with digital twin modeling and deep/reinforcement learning at multiple levels can help in realizing intelligent optimized solutions. Hierarchical Autonomic Management & Control (AMC) of a network and its services can help in the realization of self-managed networks. This symposium welcomes research paper submissions considering these aforementioned and related topics to address system optimization in future networks.


We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research, and related to but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Distributed Resource Optimization in Future Networks 
  • Hierarchical System Optimization in Future Networks
  • System Optimization across heterogeneous network access nodes
  • Self-optimization within Network Elements/Functions 
  • Closed-loop control autonomics across Network Elements/Functions 
  • Cross-resource joint optimization across networks
  • Sustainable solutions for energy optimization across networks
  • Digital Twin modeling to enable system optimization
  • Latency-aware distributed system optimization
  • Network abstractions for system optimization
  • Deep / Reinforcement Learning to enable system optimization
  • Control-loop Coordination and Policy-management for system optimization
  • Cross Domain Self-Optimization (across RAN, Transport, Core, and Application domains) for Autonomic Management and Control (AMC) 
  • Hierarchical closed control-loops for AMC with hierarchical control-loop coordination and hierarchical policy management
  • Distributed network data sharing for distributed optimization
  • Modeling and interfaces between systems at multiple levels
  • Standardization efforts in the areas of distributed system optimization and autonomic networking

Symposium Paper Submission

All papers should be submitted via EDAS, Symposium on System Optimization in Future Networks track. Full instructions on how to submit papers are provided on the IEEE FNWF 2023 website:



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