IEEE Future Networks World Forum
13–15 November 2023 // Baltimore, MD, USA
Imagining the Network of the Future



Workshop Paper Submission: 21 July 2023 8 September 2023 02 October 2023 (FINAL)
Workshop Paper Acceptance Notification: 1 September 2023 Rolling
Camera-Ready Submission: 10 October 2023


  • Antonio Skarmeta, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
  • Diego R. Lopez, Telefónica, Spain
  • Chen Tao, VTT Finland
  • Akis Kourtis Demokritos, Greece
  • Slawomir Kuklinski,  WUT, Poland
  • Symeon Papavassiliou, NTUA, Greece
  • Pascal Bisson, Thales, France

Workshop supported by EU projects: RIGOUROUS, NEPHELE, FLUIDOS, HORSE, and OASEES



While the ongoing rollout of 5G will enable robust new solutions for a wide range of challenges, we are already on the way towards the next paradigm shift that will take us to the 6G era, giving rise to challenges beyond what even 5G can meet. New architecture enablers and vision are needed to make reality  6G as a trusted network platform for an ubiquitous cyber-physical continuum, with an updated set of capabilities, and emerging technologies trends to develop these capabilities. The workshop will like to stress the discussion about entirely new capability dimensions offering functionality beyond communication, such as spatio-temporal services and compute-AI services, fully automated management boosting future networks through convergence of compute and communication.

To make this vision a reality, a shift towards a full automation of network and service management and operation is a necessity. However, a major challenge facing full automation is the protection of the network and system assets (i.e., services, data and network infrastructure) against potential cybersecurity risks introduced by the unprecedented evolving 5G threat landscape. Indeed, the risk of full automation is the ability to replicate a small isolated error or attack broadly and rapidly, putting the entire critical ecosystem (multi-party/tenant/technologies) into peril.

The workshop is aimed at discussing the emerging 5G enablers towards rethinking of 6G in a holistic manner to understand the Challenges, Opportunities & Standardization Imperatives and define the way forward and immediate next steps to ensure ubiquitous adoption of 6G globally.


Within its scope, the workshop solicits research and industry papers identifying research and engineering challenges on the following topics but not limited to:

  • Current and future trends in 6G Security
  • Smart security of future connective systems
  • zero-touch management (ZTM)
  • AI/ML techniques in security 6G networks
  • 6G RAN
  • 6GC – Core Network
  • Softwarisation and virtualization
  • Network management
  • Ad hoc and mesh networks
  • Autonomous and urban networks
  • Edge and embedded Edge Cloud Computing
  • End user Computing
  • 6G D2D
  • Energy-efficient networking
  • Security and privacy
  • Zero-touch networks
  • Drone networking in 6G environments
  • 6G satellite networks
  • Global 6G network automation (from service/slice parameter exposure and negotiation to service/slice fulfilment and assurance)
  • 6G migration strategies (coexistence with 5G and legacy techs)
  • Dynamic inter-domain service/slice (including service function chaining) design and provisioning and their implications (security, collaboration schemes, the need for consistency, etc.)
  • 6G Green networking
  • 6G Applications

Workshop Paper Submission

All papers should be submitted via EDAS, Workshop on Beyond Current 5G Architectures for 6G Services. Full instructions on how to submit papers are provided on the IEEE FNWF 2023 website:



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